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Stochastic Approach to Quantum Mechanics  

We face with quantum mechanical problems working with a class of diffusion processes uniquely associated to Hamiltonians through Nelson Stochastic Mechanics scheme.


Stochastic Variational Principles, Diffusion Processes, Hamiltonian Operators


Morato, L.M., Ugolini,S.: Stochastic Quantization of Finite Dimensional Systems with Electromagnetic Interactions.  Stochastics, 84, 2-3, 295-306 (2012)

Morato, L.M., Ugolini,S.: Stochastic Description of a Bose-Einstein Condensate. Ann.Inst. H. Poincarè,  12, 8, 1601-1612 (2011)

Morato, L.M., Ugolini,S.: Localization of relative entropy in Bose-Einstein Condensation of trapped interacting bosons. Proceedings of “Seven Stochastic Analysis Random Fields and Applications” Ascona (2011). Birkhauser Verlag (in press)

Ugolini, S.: Bose-Einstein Condensation: a transition to chaos result.  Comm. On Stochastic Analysis (2012)(in press)



Members from the Department of Mathematics
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