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Mathematical Logic  

The members of the group pursue research in model checking, satisfiability modulo theories, algebraic logic, many-valued logic, ordered algebraic structures, foundations of mathematics, categorical logic, and applications of category theory to computer science.


Mathematical logic, many-valued logic, model checking, SAT modulo theories, ordered algebraic structures, category theory, semantics of programming languages


 A. Bucalo and G. Rosolini. Completions, comonoids, and topological spaces. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, vol. 137, 2006, pp. 104–125.

S. Ghilardi and S. Ranise. Backward Reachability of Array-based Systems by SMT Solving: Termination and Invariant Synthesis. Logical Methods in Computer Science, vol. 6, n. 4, 2010, 39 pp.

F. Baader, S. Ghilardi, and C. Lutz. LTL over Description Logic Axioms. ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, 37 pp., in stampa (2012).

V. Marra. Lattice-ordered Abelian groups and Schauder bases of unimodular fans, II. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 23 pp., in stampa (2012).

V. Marra and L. Spada, Duality, projectivity, and unification in Łukasiewicz logic and MV-algebras. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 19 pp., in stampa (2012).

Funded Projects related to the Research Theme

PRIN2008: Logic and algebra of uncertain information. (Head of the unit in Milan: V. Marra.)

PRIN2010: Logical methods for the management of information. (Head of the unit in Milan: S. Ghilardi.)

FIRB2010 Futuro in ricerca: Probability theory of non-classical events. (PI: V. Marra)


Members from the Department of Mathematics
Anna Bucalo    info
Silvio Ghilardi    info
Vincenzo Marra    info
Giancarlo Meloni        info
Matteo Bianchi postdoc till April 2013   info
Maurice Chiodo postdoc till September 2013     info
Andrea Pedrini postdoc till January 2015 




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