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Communication and Informal Learning of Mathematics  

The aim of the research matematita is to identify the right form of contents and methods for an informal communication: the most appropriate contents, the most effective contexts, the role of language, the role of multimedia, the relation with other disciplines.


Communication, learning


M. Dedò e L. Sferch, Right or Wrong? That is the Question, in Notices of the Amer. Math. Soc. , vol. 59, n.ro 7 (Agosto 2012), pp. 924-932  (http://www.ams.org/notices/201207/rtx120700924p.pdf).

M. Dedò, Rigour in Communicating Maths: A Mathematical Feature or an Unnecessary Pedantry?, in Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics, a cura di E. Behrends, N. Crato, J.F. Rodrigues, Springer, 2012.

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Funded Projects related to the Research Theme

DM60780 393 C, Per la costruzione di una ludoteca matematica a scuola, MIUR, legge 6/2000, anno 2010

DM56029 344 C, MATh.en.JEANS, MIUR, legge 6/2000, anno 2009

DM43869 347 C, Episodi di matematica: una mostra itinerante, MIUR, legge 6/2000, anno 2007


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