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Mathematics "Federigo Enriques"

The members of the department are active on three fronts: Research, by means of seminars, conferences and publications; Teaching, both for students of Mathematics and other students, even with graduate level courses and a Ph.D. program; Outreach, with activities aimed at students and professors of lower grade schools, as well as at public at large.



Seminar/ Ana Carpio

On 14 Aprile2015, Ana Carpio gives a seminar on "Well posedness of a kinetic model for angiogenesis "

Talk /Pomerleano

On Friday March 20 at 13:30 in Aula Dottorato (I piano) prof. Daniel Pomerleano (Imperial College, Londra) there will be a talk on: "Homological Mirror Symmetry and the coordinate ring of toric Calabi-Yau varieties"

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